Answering your questions about contact lenses

11th Jan 2016

A lot of people buy contact lenses, either in store or through us at Lenses Online and in general we get asked questions, so today we thought we’d share some of the questions we get asked, and the answers.

Is it safe to wear contact lenses when you sleep?

While there are some lenses that have been checked for safety and have been approved to sleep in; Lenses Online want to remind you that you must follow the rules set by your ophthalmologist. It is NOT safe to sleep in daily wear lenses – your eyes could be damaged due to lack of oxygen.

Is it safe to buy contact lenses online?

Yes, contact lenses can only be purchased if you have a valid prescription. Lenses Online will not sell contact lenses to you without a valid prescription. It is recommended to have regular eye examinations to ensure your eyes are healthy and your lenses fit well.

Is it safe to switch contact lens solutions?

Each contact lens cleaning solution has its own chemical makeup, Lenses Online suggest you stay with the type or brand of contact lens cleaning solution prescribed by your eye DR or recommended by the lens manufacturer

Can I swim while wearing contact lenses?

Lenses Online suggest you wear goggles if you want to swim while wearing your contact lenses. Depending on where you are swimming water can have bugs in it which can get under your lens and damage your eye. Water can also change how your lenses fit which can make them feel tight. Take your lenses out, wear goggles or if you don’t have some buy one day contact lenses online.

Why do some contact lenses seem *drier* than others?

Contact lenses are made from different silicones and plastics and each is different, some have more water content than others. All contact lenses are subject to evaporation while you wear them, this can be through heat, wind, humidity, how much you blink, how well you keep your lenses clean etc.

Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses and you can buy contact lenses easily through Lenses Online – just remember contact lenses need to be cared for properly – which isn’t hard to do.