Buying contact lenses online is simple

12th Jan 2015

Over the past 12 years there has been somewhat of a *revolution* happening – when it comes to contact lens materials with the addition of silicon the amount of oxygen passing through the lens has increased by 500%.If you are thinking of buying contact lenses online there are a few things you need to know about silicon lenses.

For some wearers silicon enhanced lenses can cause problems as the lenses are a little *stiffer* than normal this has lead to an increase in giant papillary conjunctivitis it’s thought the rigid nature of the lens interacts with the eyelid to cause this reaction.

Some people get *red eyes* that feel uncomfortable, but switching to a non silicon contact lens makes the feeling disappear.

Another issue some silicon contact lens wearers find is that there is an interaction between the storage solution and the lens when stored overnight. Some silicon enhanced lenses when left in contact lens solution have surface damage.

The Solution:

Eye drops are available from Lenses Online that can help stop the inflammation caused by silicon enhanced lenses

Make sure you follow any advice your ophthalmologist gives you, eye drops can be purchased from us to assist if you are suffering from dry eyes.

If your lenses are showing signs of damage from being in a solution all night try rubbing and rinsing your lens when you take them out of the solution and washing your hands before you touch your lenses this helps decrease the amount of oils that may come in contact with the lens.

That 500% increase in air prevents premature aging of the cornea cells, unlike the older style contact lenses; the cornea can keep the same shape and size that is present in young healthy cells. While there are still a few things to work out with silicon based lenses they are wonderful for the wearer who spends a lot of time at their PC or has an active outdoor lifestyle.

Buying contact lenses online is simple, fast and easy thanks to Lenses Online with overnight delivery and safe and secure checkout we have all your contact lens needs covered.