Buying contact lenses online – simple and fast

5th Jan 2015

To buy contact lenses online is easy, but first you will need to visit your ophthalmologist to get your eyes checked properly, when buying contact lenses be safe, never buy very cheap lenses they are not the best quality and may even do more harm than good. Discounted lenses are best, you get quality but at a slightly cheaper and more affordable price.

As always be a careful shopper and buy contact lenses from a reputable company such as Lenses online. You can buy some contact lenses without a prescription but in many cases you need a prescription to make a purchase.

There are 2 main style/types of contact lenses – rigid gas permeable and soft, and for sensitive people there are extra-thin lenses available. Lenses are available to correct distance vision and short vision and most people adjust to soft lenses in a matter of days where hard lenses can take a week or more to feel comfortable wearing. One benefit to soft lenses is that they aren’t as likely to *pop out* of your eye or get dust underneath them.

Extended wear contact lenses can be worn overnight and can be worn continuously for 1 to 6 nights and even up to 30 days. How long you can wear them depends on your tolerance levels and the type of lens you are wearing. Rigid lenses will give you clearer vision than the soft lenses, while disposable lenses don’t come with cleaning or care instructions but replacement lenses will need to be cared for and cleaned.

You can buy contact lenses online – both prescription and non prescription lenses – this provides you with the ability to shop online 24/7 sometimes with the chance for free or overnight delivery – how simple is that! Always check for stock availability BEFORE you place an order especially if you need them quickly.

Always follow your Ophthalmologists advice and wear and replace your contact lenses as prescribed as they will wear out as time goes on.