Caring For Soft Contact Lenses

23rd Jun 2015

If you are new to wearing contact lenses there is surprisingly a lot you need to know as there are so many different lenses on the market and new technology being developed all the time. Lenses Online sell’s a range of contact lenses, soft lenses along with the contact lens cleaning solutions to care for them. There are many different contact lens cleaning solutions available and you need to know which is the correct cleaning solution for you.

Contact lenses have come a long way since their invention in 1801 with technology progressing from a flat glass lens to one that was soft enough to fit the eye, soft lenses became available in the early 70’s and a need for a different way of caring for a soft lenses was needed.

Multipurpose solutions are the most commonly used contact lens cleaning solution with each lens cleaning solution using different ingredients suitable to specific lens types. Multi-purpose solutions available from Lenses Online are loved for their convenience, but can at times be misunderstood. Never confuse a multi-purpose contact lens solution and a saline solution – a saline solution has no cleaning properties, and should only be used to wash or rinse the eye or lens they are used to remove particles from the lens. There are different multi-purpose cleaning solutions for different lenses – rigid lenses use their own contact lens cleaning solutions.

Other lens types available from Lenses Online today include – disposable lenses (usually worn for 2-4 weeks), extended wear lenses and daily disposable lenses. All these lenses also require careful handling and cleaning to avoid any discomfort or issues.

No matter your lens type always use contact lens solutions according to instructions, cleaning of your lenses should be a combination of the manufacturer’s instructions and common sense.

  • Always wash your hands before touching lenses
  • Use soap and water and if possible dry your hands on a lint free towel
  • Never shower or use a hot tub while wearing your lenses
  • Don’t wet your lenses with your saliva
  • Change your lens case every 2-3 months