Caring for your contacts properly – its important

5th Jan 2015

Contact lenses are very comfortable and so easy to wear but they do require some looking after if not cleaned regularly and properly they can become unhygienic which leads to eye infections. To avoid any issues with your online contact lenses you just need to clean them and care for them properly.

While wearing online contact lenses when placing them in your eye and when removing them you need to handle them gently. Always wash your hands with soap and water to ensure your hands are clean and dry your hands thoroughly – if there is any soap residue it can cause irritation in your eye.

Always follow the instructions listed on the box and always only wear the lenses for the amount of time recommended by your ophthalmologist and NEVER share or swap lenses with anyone else.

Wash your hands before removing your lenses as this helps reduce any possibility of scratching the lenses always put 2-3 drops of lubricating drops into your eye to help make removing the lenses a little easier. Once removed if the edges of your lenses are sticking together place a few drops of solution on the lens and rub gently until they become separated.

Always clean and store your lenses properly, to sterilise pour cleaning solution over both sides for the specified time. Some lenses may need to be rubbed to remove protein; dirt, makeup etc so rub the lens gently with your finger and then use cleaning solution – as available from Lenses Online to wash off any dust and dirt. Don’t use tap water to clean your lenses and don’t mix cleaning solutions.

Once clean your lenses should be stored properly until they are needed again – before storing them fill the case with the prescribed amount of cleaning solution.

Never sleep in your lenses – remove them before going to bed. If you fall asleep with your lenses in tears can’t carry oxygen to your eyes, this will make your eyes dry and the lens can then stick to the eye making removal difficult unless you are using specific Night and Day lenses.