Cheap Contact Lenses

23rd Feb 2021

Many people are under the impression that contact lenses are expensive. While they do require a little more investment than glasses, they are quite affordable. The technology has evolved considerably over the years and these products are now easier to make. Manufacturers have been able to lower the prices so more people have the opportunity to wear lenses without spending a lot of money. Here we look at how you can get contact lenses at an affordable rate.

1. Visit an Optometrist First

Contacts require a different prescription and your old glass prescription won’t help. While many lens stores offer converters to turn glass power into contact lens power, they can be a little unreliable. An optometrist will examine your eye, take measurements, determine what kind of power you need, and also check whether contact lens is a suitable option.

Some people can’t wear contacts because of their power, sensitivity, eye-shape, and many other factors. Visiting an optometrist ensures you’re not spending money on a product you can’t use.

2. Get a Free Trial

Most contact lens manufacturers offer free trials on all of their lens products. Visit their website and request a trial sample. It is a good idea to get a monthly lens instead of daily disposables even if you intend to wear dailies in the future. New wearers take some time to adjust and must wear lenses a few times to feel comfortable. Dailies are designed for single use so you must discard them after every wear.

Test a few lenses from different brands to determine which one is the most comfortable. You may need to experiment with a few options before finding the perfect fit. Why waste money to do so when you can just get samples from brands?

3. Buy Online

Once you have found a good fit, visit an online lens store. Online stores have less overhead costs so they can offer products at a discounted rate. They have sales or coupon codes with discounts so you can shave off a few dollars on every purchase. You can also choose lenses from a wide range of brands and product lines. Most brands offer lenses at different price tiers so there’s something to fit every budget.

Lenses in online stores are often 70% more affordable than those available at an optometrist’s clinic. You can find alternatives to the doctor’s brand through a simple Google search.

4. Dailies for Infrequent Use

Many people don't wear contacts daily and usually reserve it for when they're heading out for socialization or playing sports. They wear glasses for everyday desk work that involves staring at the screen from an extended time. Monthly disposables are more expensive for these wearers because they get a dozen or so uses out of a lens that can be worn thirty times.

Once a monthly disposable lens packet is opened, you must discard the lens in 30 days even if you use it infrequently. That’s why daily disposables are a better choice and can help you save a lot of money.

5. Monthly for Regular Use

If you have less sensitive eyes and can wear lenses every day, even while working on a computer, then daily disposables will prove to be more expensive. Use monthlies as they can give you up to thirty uses in a month and a single six-lens pack can last for six months.

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