Choosing a contact lens cleaning solution

13th Apr 2015

We all know – whether you wear contact lenses or not – contact lenses touch your eye, so proper cleaning and maintenance of your lenses is a must – otherwise bacteria might build up which can lead to eye infections. There are many contact lens cleaning solutions available from Lenses Online – it is these solutions that play a major role in keeping your lenses clean. There are many contact lens cleaning solutions available to buy but did you know you need to buy the cleaning solution suitable for your contact lens.

If you wear a soft contact lens you need a contact lens cleaning solution suitable for a soft lens such as Biotrue Multi-purpose solution. By using the right product for the right lens it will make cleaning better allowing your lenses to work longer for you.

Apart from the contact lens cleaning solution made specifically for your lens type there are also multi purpose cleaners – these types of cleaners allow you to do different things – remove deposits, disinfect, clean or soften your lens, when using a multi-purpose cleaner it is important to rinse your contact lens in a saline solution before wearing the lens. While multi-purpose cleaners are easy to use, they are not quite as effective as using different solutions to perform different tasks.

For thorough cleaning you need to use a multi-step cleaning process rather than a multi-purpose cleaning process.

SALINE SOLUTION – this is similar to our tears and makes the lens softer making them more comfortable to wear. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE CLEANERS remove dirt and grime as well as mineral deposits from your lens, but you should ensure you rinse the lens well. ENZYMATIC CLEANERS are great for anyone who wears extended wear contacts they come in tablet form and you can drop a tablet into the liquid where your lenses are soaked once a week (rather than daily) so any protein build up can be removed leaving your lens sterile again.

Lenses online has all your contact lens cleaning solutions.