Choosing the right contact lens cleaning solution for you

22nd Apr 2015

Sadly many people who wear contact lenses don’t bother to take the time to purchase the correct contact lens cleaning solution for their lenses. Others sadly don’t even take the time to correctly maintain their lenses either. Lenses Online have a range of contact lens cleaning solution products for sale. With different brands and types of solutions available you should take the time to choose the correct contact lens cleaning solution for you. Did you know there are cleaning solutions made specifically for extended wear contacts and for soft contact lenses etc.

Contact lens cleaning solutions play a vital role in not only the maintenance of contacts but in the overall health of your eye. Cleaning solutions kill all the bacteria that might be present on the lens – this can be from simply handling your lens and if these bacteria come into contact with your eye it can cause an infection. The disinfectant part of a lens cleaning solution is extremely important and can be used to clean any germs and waste on the contacts. There are also solutions that add moisture to your contact lens.

Multipurpose solutions are also available – these are easy and fast to use, once you remove your lens from the solution you just need to rinse it with some Saline solution and your lens is ready to wear. Saline Solution is not a cleaner and shouldn’t be used on its own; you need to use both a cleaning solution and a saline solution.

Be careful when rubbing your contacts to remove waste as you may break them, cases that have become contaminated can also be a problem, so replace your storage case or clean it regularly.

For those who wear daily disposable contacts you will not need to clean them with a solution, but you may find a little saline solution helps make them a little more comfortable to pop into place. Lenses Online stock all your contact lens cleaning solution needs and remember the lens you wear and the cleaning solution must *match* and never re-use a solution.