Contact lens cleaning solution

23rd Feb 2015

If you are new to wearing contact lenses, finding a good contact lens solution can be daunting, there seem to be so many cleaning solutions available; it’s hard to know which one is right for you. If you know what the solutions are and what they do it can be a helpful way for you to decide which contact lens solution is right for you. Lenses Online stock a range of lens cleaning products.

The first thing you need to consider when purchasing a contact lens solution is to choose the one that is formulated to work best with the lenses you are wearing. If you are wearing a soft lens, then you will need a lens solution that is meant for soft lenses – and vice versa for hard lenses.

By cleaning your lenses regularly you will be able to use them for longer, plus they will work better- feel better – and won’t irritate your eyes.

Multipurpose cleaners are the easiest to use as you just need the one solution to do all the jobs, they soften, disinfect, cleanse and remove deposits. All you need to do once the lenses have soaked is to rinse them in a saline solution before you pop them into your eyes, While it isn’t as effective as doing a multi-step clean (using a different solution for each step) – it is a very simple way to keep your lenses clean.

Multi-purpose cleaners can be used for most of the cleaning you’ll do, but if you want a really good deep clean, you’ll need to use a multi-step cleaning process.

Saline solution – this is pretty much the same substance as the tears in your eye and is perfect for soaking your lenses when they aren’t in your eye. It will keep the lens hydrated and supple so it won’t irritate your eyes later on. Saline is also good to use to rinse a lens solution off your lenses so your eyes don’t sting later on. Contact lenses do dry out if not in saline, so always keep some handy. Lenses Online are able to help with all your lens cleaning and storage needs.