Contact Lens Cleaning solutions

6th Apr 2016

Could you imagine wearing your contact lenses day after day without using any contact lens cleaning solution? It just doesn’t make sense does it? Contact lens cleaning solution is important apart from washing, rinsing, lubricating and disinfection contact lens cleaning solution available from lenses Online also adds or restores moisture to your contact lens.

The contact lens cleaning solutions Lenses Online sell eliminate the dirt and mucus that builds up on your contact lenses every time you wear them. Contact lens cleaning solutions are designed to eliminate the rubbish that builds up on your lenses, to make the lens more comfortable for you to wear.

When you visit your eye doctor for a check up he or she will prescribe the right type of contact lens for you, they will then discuss with you the right contact lens cleaning solution suitable for your lens. Alternatively the lens maker will recommend the style/brand of contact lens cleaning solution that will work best with the lens you buy. At Lenses Online we suggest you use the style of contact lens cleaning solution suggested by the lens maker or by your eye care professional.

You can buy multipurpose contact lens cleaning solutions that is as the name suggests a one-step cleaning solution that cleans, disinfects, hydrates and washes your contact lens. You can also buy a multi-step contact lens cleaning solutions with different bottles/solutions for each step. These provide you with a better clean, but take longer to use.

Lenses Online have all your contact lens cleaning solutions covered, they stock all the major brands including - Bausch and Lomb and Amo – and a wide range of cleaning solutions and saline solution. Please remember that saline solution is only used for rinsing your lens and is not a lens cleaning product. From the Biotrue Multipurpose solution to the Oxysept 1 Step, Lenses Online has all your contact lens cleaning solution needs covered. You can order quickly online 24/7 with free delivery on orders over $100 and overnight delivery on stocked items – why would you shop anywhere else?