Contact lens shopping secrets

17th Nov 2015

Before you consider buying contact lenses online – either from Lenses Online or from another online contact lens seller – Lenses Online recommend you see your eye care professional first, the choice of what contact lenses are right for you should be made by an eye doctor and not from browsing online.

You need to ensure your contact lenses are right for your eyes and safe. Don’t buy cheap or no name contacts – they may not be of good quality – the contact lenses sold by Lenses Online are from well known brands, and Lenses Online will not allow you to buy contact lenses online through them without a prescription.

In general there are 2 main types of contact lenses – soft and rigid gas permeable. Most people will adjust to wearing soft contact lenses in just a few days, while others can take weeks to adjust to wearing hard lenses. With soft lenses you get the extra benefits - as they aren’t as likely to *pop out* of your eye and dirt and debris doesn’t get caught underneath.

Soft lenses hold water which increases the oxygen permeability this however can make them more fragile. Extended wear contacts can be worn overnight worn from 1 to 6 nights or even up to 30 days, while disposable lenses do not need cleaning, disinfecting or any maintenance.

When buying contact lenses online always consider the value not just the price, often the cheapest prices don’t give you the value you need. Lenses Online is a well known seller of contact lenses who provides a convenient and affordable way for you to receive contact lenses delivered straight to your door.

Always replace your contact lenses as recommended by your eye DR as lenses do wear out over time, don’t order lenses with a prescription that has expired, or stock up on lenses just before your prescription is due to expire. It is best to have your eyes checked first and then buy your contact lenses online from Lenses Online with a fresh and up to date prescription.