Contact lens solution - Rules to follow

8th Dec 2014

Are you thinking of switching from glasses to contact lenses but you’re not too sure? Do you think it’s all too much hard work? Or are you worried that they are no good for your eyes?

Taking proper care of your lenses isn’t hard if you follow some simple rules.

  • I.Every time you handle your lenses – clean them – that’s before you put them in your eyes and when you take them out. Give them a gentle 10-15 second rub in a contact lens solution. If you have coloured lenses don’t rub them as it may damage the colour.
  • II.Today contact lenses vary in quality so make sure your ophthalmologist prescribes the lenses that are best for your eyes.
  • III.When using contact lens solution to clean your lenses – clean the case at the same time. It’s recommended you replace your lens case every 2-3 months.
  • IV.Handle just one lens at a time so you don’t get them confused.
  • V.Never put your lenses in the same contact lens solution twice, always replace the solution, never use it after the expiry date and store it in a cool dry place. Lenses online is the home for all your contact lens solution needs.
  • VI.Try and stay away from dusty or smoky rooms, contact lenses collect these tiny particles which can make your eyes sore.
  • VII.Never allow soft contact lenses to dry, they should be either in a special solution or in your eye, if they dry up they are no longer good and need to be thrown out.
  • VIII.If you have a cold, or any other infections don’t wear your contacts, this is to stop germs getting into your eyes, wear glasses instead.
  • IX.Always replace your lenses on schedule – daily disposables every morning, fortnightly lenses every 2 weeks etc, while a few days won’t make a big difference wearing a 2 week lens for a month isn’t good for your eyes.