Contact lenses and contact lens accessories online

31st Oct 2013

Buying the contact lenses that you need through an online source offers many benefits as compared to making your way to a physical location that sells these medical devices. Savings in money and time, the ability to order at any time of the day or night, and the comfort of selecting the items needed at a keyboard in your own home, all demonstrate how convenient modern electronic ordering is.

Our firm, Lenses Online is one of New Zealand's premier sources of online contact lenses, and their accessories as well.

Neither time nor money will be saved ordering contact lenses online if you are unable to buy the supporting accessories that accompany them at the same time. Many contact lenses require the use of contact lens solution, to keep your eyes clean and lubricated while using these eyeglass substitutes. If you can buy the contact lenses themselves online, but are compelled to seek the solution or lubricants from a pharmacy or other medical supply store, then the purpose of buying over the Internet has been defeated.

For this reason, Lenses Online includes not only contact lenses, but a selection of high quality accessories in our electronic store. Just like the online contact lenses we offer, these accessories have been chosen for their usefulness, excellent characteristics, and medical usefulness. Also, like all of the items on our website, the genuineness of these accessories is confirmed and guaranteed, which assures you that you will be receiving exactly the item you are looking for.


Just as with our online contact lenses, you can enter your accessory prescription information directly online as part of the ordering process, in a step that is no more complex than typing in your delivery address or contact information. The solution that you need to keep your eyes healthy will be picked and shipped with the same speed as all other medical supplies we offer, and will reach your door the next day after ordering.