Contact lenses – and you!

21st Sep 2015

Even today for a lot of people contact lenses are a *new concept* as they would much rather wear glasses, but every now and then glasses have their disadvantages. If you are wearing your glasses in the sunlight it can be quite glary, in winter glasses can *fog up* and if you are in the rain, they can get wet and make your vision hazy or blurry. You’ll need to take you glasses off to wipe off the fog or rain spots. Of course while glasses and designs have come forward in leaps and bounds, all sorts of shapes, frames and colours people still don’t like wearing them as they make them feel unattractive.

This is why people turn to a contact lens from Lenses Online. Contact lenses don’t get foggy, don’t get rain on them and you can wear your contacts and sunglasses when outside to cut down glare.

Contact lenses allow you to correct your vision issues without the need to wear glasses, the great thing about contact lenses from Lenses Online – no one needs to know you have eye problems!

There are in general 2 types of contact lenses available – the soft contact lens and the rigid or gas permeable contact lens. Lenses Online have a wide range of soft contact lenses available for sale, with soft contact lenses containing from between 25% and 79% water making them soft and more comfortable to wear. Rigid lenses take longer to get use to wearing but are more durable.

Soft contact lenses need to be replaced regularly and come in daily, fortnightly and monthly ranges. All these soft contact lenses are available to buy online 24/7 from Lenses Online, with free delivery on orders over $100 and overnight delivery available on stocked items.

The daily and extended wear lens offers you a week or two of use before you need to replace them with one day contact lenses eliminating the need to clean your lens as you simply throw them out at the end of the day.