Contact lenses for astigmatism

11th Jan 2016

Did you know you can buy a contact lens suitable for astigmatism through Lenses Online. Today, two of the most common contact lens prescriptions are for those suffering from astigmatism and presbyopia. Thanks to modern technology and the development of toric and bifocal lenses contact lens wearers have more options than ever before.

Presbyopia occurs when your eyes natural lens grows older and loses elasticity – this lens is needed to switch between viewing near or far objects. This condition affects most people between the ages of forty and fifty and is a natural part of the aging process. Bifocal glasses use to be the only option for those with this condition, but today bifocal contact lenses are available. Bifocal contact lenses -can be purchases where you buy contact lens – and are similar to bifocal eye glasses, the contacts have 2 separate power lenses – one for near vision and one for distance.

The great thing about multifocal lenses from Lenses Online is the convenience – these lenses are so thin you won’t know you are wearing them and they give you better peripheral vision than glasses. Multi focal lenses from lenses Online aren’t for everyone and it can take a while for your eyes to adjust to the two different powers.

Astigmatism – is the most common of all the eye vision problems and can come with nearsightedness or farsightedness. Astigmatism is caused by an irregular shaped cornea which can be corrected by wearing a toric lens – you can buy this type of contact lens through Lenses Online.

Toric lenses are created with 2 powers in them – one for astigmatism and one for myopia. The bottom of a toric lens is thicker to keep the contact in position. Toric lenses are more expensive than regular lenses and you’ll find the fitting procedure with your eye care professional will take more time and is more *involved*. Your Dr will choose the lens that is most compatible with your eye.

Contact lenses are a healthy and convenient way to treat your eye vision issues – you can buy contact lenses suitable for astigmatism and presbyopia through Lenses Online 24/7