Contact lenses – what are they?

22nd Oct 2014

Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses as both a fashion accessory or as a way of correcting a vision problem. You can easily buy contact lenses online nz quickly and easily. Contact lenses are simple to clean, easy to use, and great to maintain or replace and they are not as noticeable as glasses. They can still be used to correct your vision problem and can come in a range of tints and colours . There are 2 basic styles of contact lenses – the soft contact lens and the rigid permeable lens.

It’s easy to buy contact lenses online nz in both soft and hard lenses, the soft lenses are made from a soft polymer plastic that allows both water and air flow through the lens to keep your eyes healthy, some even come with UV protection. There are different types of soft lens contacts available including 1-day lenses that you replace each day – this is handy for those who can’t maintain or clean their lenses regularly like those who travel a lot. Although disposable lenses are more expensive being disposable keeps the chances of eye infections low while giving the wearer more comfort.

Hard contact lenses are made from a malleable plastic that allows the flow of air into the eye while providing the best vision allowing your eyes to get use to them quickly. They are comfortable to wear and easy to remove. Care of hard lenses is simple and they will last a long time if looked after correctly.

Toric contact lenses are available to buy online and have been designed for those with astigmatism – they are available in both hard and soft lens styles. They come in two types of curvature – one to correct long or short sightedness and one to correct astigmatism. Lenses Online also sell monthly or extended wear contact lenses, when you buy contact lenses online nz you can wear these lenses for a month without worrying about replacing them, they are cheaper than the daily disposable lenses and while you will need to clean them, they are not as difficult as the hard lens to keep clean.