Contact lenses

10th Nov 2014

If you want to order contact lenses online it‘s a good idea to know what different types of contact lenses are available. Contact lenses are usually classified by the different uses or purposes

  • They are made from either a soft silicon hydro gel or a rigid lens which is made of a flexible plastic.
  • They are available as a daily disposable lens or a monthly or extended wear lens.
  • By the vision problem they correct – bifocal, astigmatic, toric, spherical
  • By their life-span, daily disposable, monthly disposable etc

When you want to order contact lenses online you need to know what type of lenses are used – this usually is categorised by the type of material used. In the past rigid materials were used that did not allow oxygen to enter the eye which made the lenses hard to wear for long periods of time, however thanks to research new materials have been found making softer contact lenses possible.

You can order contact lenses online from Lenses Online – the soft contacts allow oxygen to permeate the eye, soft contact lenses are far more comfortable to wear, and they also come as coloured contact lenses that are worn purely for cosmetic reasons. You can now change the colour of your iris to any colour you like thanks to soft coloured contact lenses. Soft lenses are also available in different varieties – daily, weekly, monthly or extended wear lenses.

Rigid Gas Permeable lenses have been named after the type of material that makes them, these lenses are smaller than the soft lenses, but, because they are rigid very little oxygen actually passes through them. This usually means someone new to wearing contact lenses will find the rigid lens a lot harder to get use to. The lens actually sits over the pupil with the edge resting on the iris area of the eye. There are some ophthalmologists out there who believe the rigid lens is actually more durable and healthier for the eye which is why some people take a while to adjust to them.