Dry Eye Solutions

29th Apr 2016

If you suffer from dry eyes Lenses Online would like to share a few tips with you – your eyes deserve to be comfortable and dry eye solutions can help.

For a lot of people who wear contact lenses, dry eyes can be a problem. To begin, let’s look at our Tear Ducts.

They are made up of three layers – lipid, aqueous and mucin with each layer playing a part in preventing dry eyes. Lipid layer prevents evaporation. The aqueous layer makes up most of the volume of the tear film; it carries nutrients and washes away the unwanted or dangerous foreign objects and bacteria. The mucin layer is the *glue* that holds the tears to the cornea; if you have a problem with any of these layers it will cause dry eyes.

When you have contacts fitted it’s important that they allow for movement, this is just to ensure that the contact lens won’t stop the natural flow of tears, this is to make sure that your eyes will stay comfortable. Other factors that can lead to dry eyes are – any medications you are on, age, hormone fluctuations and environmental factors – heating, cooling, dust, smoke etc can lead to dry eye problems. If you do not care for your contact lenses correctly, this can also lead to problems.

Over wearing your contact lenses or deposits on the lens can lead to issues that seem like dry eyes, so what feels like dry eyes, could be just discomfort. If your eyes do feel dry, try cleaning your lenses, if that doesn’t help Lenses Online sell a range of dry eye solutions that can help.

Tips for fixing dry eyes –

  • Use a dry eyes solution product
  • Switch to a lens with a lower water content
  • Try a silicone hydrogel lens – Biofinity by Cooper Vision has a 48% water content, Acuvue Oasys is made up of 38% water or Air Optix Aqua made by Ciba Vision is also a good lens for those with dry eyes.