Eye health and style with colored contact lenses

31st Oct 2013

Contact lenses are a highly practical device, providing much needed vision correction without the need for wearing clumsy, uncomfortable, easy to lose eyeglasses. As anyone who has ever worn eyeglasses and tilted their head only to see these expensive visual aids tumble to the ground and shatter, contact lenses are a much more secure solution for anyone with a remotely active lifestyle. Lenses Online is our company, an Internet based store designed to serve as the premier source for superb quality, affordable contact lenses in New Zealand.

However, despite their practicality, they can also be made into part of your overall fashion look by buying coloured contact lenses online. These lenses not only augment your eyesight and correct for its problems, they also change the colour of your eye, making it appear brighter or even of a different hue. The effects can be very striking – with the use of a different set of contact lenses, you can change your whole appearance in a subtle but vivid way.

Coloured contact lenses are bought in much the same way as the ordinary contact lenses we offer. You can use a drop-down menu to choose the power for each eye, so that you can adjust the pairing to your particular optical needs. The powers available typically range from ‐8.00 to +6.00, with increments of either 0.25 or 0.50 between these two extremes. The contact lenses are designed to be fully functional, including high water content to allow oxygen to reach your eye and soft design for comfort.


The line of coloured contact lenses that Lenses Online offers to you includes types designed both for lighter coloured, European type eyes and darker hued, Asian type eyes. It is important to choose the correct variety for your eye colour in order to achieve the proper visual effect. By adding a pair of these contacts, you can produce a very naturallooking pair of blue, green, violet, hazel, grey, or sapphire eyes, transforming your medical treatment into a striking fashion statement as well.