Factors Causing Eye Irritation from Contact Lenses and How to Avoid Them

16th Jul 2019

Minor red-ish eyes can occur with or without using contact lenses but it is normally momentary and you have absolutely nothing to be concerned about. Many factors that cause red eyes include being tired, having allergies, wearing contact lenses longer than suggested, and sensitiveness to contact lens components or solutions. In the event your eyes are red and you are suffering from discomfort or weakened vision, take off your contact lenses and speak to your optician right away. There are a few tips that you can consider in order to prevent eye irritation from wearing contact lenses and to help sustain comfort. 

Beauty Tips

● Before you put on makeup, wear your contacts

● To prevent flaking and smudging, wear water-resistant mascara and eyeliner

● For contact Len wearers, the best choice for you would be to use makeup removers that are oil-free

● To protect you from suffering from eye irritation, do not wear contact lenses if you constantly dye or perm your hair due to the chemicals

● If you intend to apply hairspray, use it before you put your contacts in. 

● Do not wear makeup near of around your eyes if they are swollen, red, itchy or possibly have an infection. Consult with your optician

Digital devices tips

● Make sure that you take some time away from your device screens. Every twenty minutes or so, readjust by looking at objects at ranging distances

● Do not forget to blink as frequently as possible. This may be apparent, but we tend to blink five times less than usual when we are staring at our digital device screens

● Make sure you stay hydrated--drink a lot of water in order to protect you from dryness symptoms

Travelling tips

● Have your glasses handy anywhere you go

● If you travel by plane, make sure you place your contact lenses, glasses, as well as its cases and solutions inside your carry-on luggage

● Long distance flights tends to have very dry cabin air--opt to use your glasses instead of contacts 

● If you travel internationally, meaning you will be in different time zones, make sure you stick to your routine. It’s essential for you to stay on track with replacing your contact lenses, despite the time difference

● If you happen to be wearing reusable contact lenses, make sure you bring one or a couple extra 

● Remember to take your lens off when you want to sleep, especially on a long flight

● Try not to get your lenses in contact with tap water. Remove your contacts when you take a shower, go for a swim, or participate in water activities

All types of contact lenses have included care instructions. You must follow these instructions as contact lenses have different replacement schedules, cleaning routines and storage requirements. Hygiene will always remain the absolute most important factor of using contacts. Eye infection and discomfort are very likely to be a result of touching your eyes with unwashed hands, watering your contacts with saliva or placing them in water. You can purchase good quality contact lenses from many places, in fact, you do not have to go in-store to get your lens. If you decide to buy your contact lenses online, make sure you buy from a trusted source like Lenses Online. Look for authorized contact lens retailers that indicate that the supplier is credible.