16th Sep 2019

The number of individuals impacted by sight loss is very high and predicted that by the year 2050, the number can be higher. Hence, it is crucial not to take your contact lens cleanliness lightly. To get familiar with looking after your lenses is simple, it is just as very easy to slip into a couple of negative habits, particularly whenever you are rushing. The following are highlights of some of the most typical contact lens bad habits and why you should try your best to avoid them

  • Sleeping in lenses

There are a lot of contact lens wearers out there who have fallen asleep in their contact lenses. Except if exclusively manufactured to be slept in, contact lenses have to be applied for ahead of your bedtime. During the night, our eyelids are built to supply humidity to your eyes, at the same time relaxing them as well as cleansing away any germs that can be existing. Letting the contact lenses stay within your eyes means they will take in the humidity instead that leads to very unpleasant eyes by the morning. When you think you could reap the benefits of to be able to rest and sleep in your contact lenses, inquire your optician regarding wear lenses.

  • Using the old solution

The moment lens solution has been utilised once, it must be tossed away right away. It is pretty much the same way you wouldn’t rinse your cookware in filthy water, worn contact lens solution contains every single thing you were wanting to get rid of the previous night. Putting on contact lenses that haven’t been correctly washed in a clean solution can result in an agonising eye infection, hence the fresh new solution is essential.

  • Swimming or showering in lenses

Certain contact wearers have used their contact lenses while swimming. If you are going swimming or perhaps doing anything that involves water, you should take your contact lenses out. Because contact lenses are built to lock in moisture, they will accumulate any water they come near to. However, water contains several bacteria that could be damaging to your eyes, particularly with prolonged direct exposure. This can result in a lot of vexation and even issues.

  • Wearing lenses for longer than they're designed for

The most popular grounds contact lens wearers fallen asleep while their lenses are still within their eyes is either because they forgot to take them out, they had a bit a lot to drink or they have been too tired to take them out, which in turn leading to dried out and irritating eyes. Every contact lens has completely rigid replacement cycles which are recommended to not be strayed from. Either you wear daily, weekly or even monthly lenses, holding your lenses for extended than advisable can severely minimise the amount of moisture they can supply to your eyes. Take out your lenses and swap them with eyeglasses rather than wear them for an extended time than you should to prevent any vexation.

  • Washing lenses with anything other than the solution

Some contact lens wearers have washed their lenses in standard water rather than the answer to sanitise them. The purpose of contact lens solution is specifically to completely clean lenses, with chemicals that are important for making your lenses sterile and safe as well as convenient to put on. The use of any kind water, such as mineral water plus saliva, presents a bunch of germs to the lens, which can subsequently result in an eye infection.

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