​How to Care For Your Contact Lenses

27th Jun 2016

Even if you haven’t used contact lenses before, you must be aware that they are quite small and delicate. If you are planning on using contact lenses, you will have to learn to handle them with care. Fortunately lens care isn’t all that difficult. You just have to ensure that you keep your lenses away from these things:


This is one of the commonest causes of contact lens damage. It can leave behind tears and scratches on the lenses. There are times when debris or some dirt from your hands gets rubbed onto the lenses while you are cleaning them. One of the best ways to prevent this from occurring is to:

  • Carefully rinse the lenses in the multipurpose solution
  • Ensure there is no debris or lint on it
  • Place the lens right in the centre of your palm and then clean it once more
  • Rub the lens very gently
  • Next, just rinse it again & then place the contact lens on your iris


All types of contact lenses are tiny and it’s important that you handle them with dexterity. It’s pretty common for people to drop their lenses. The one way to reduce the chances of that is to sit by a mirror/desk, then place a clean & lint-free towel on the desk, and then wear the lenses. In case you happen to drop it, the lens will only fall on the clean towel. In case it drops on the floor, pick it up very carefully, ensure there is no dirt or debris on them and then clean them very carefully with the multipurpose solution. Ideally, you shouldn’t use lenses that have fallen on the floor at all.


It’s important that lenses have a certain level of moisture in them; that’s the only way the user will find them to be comfortable. Without moisture, the lenses will begin shrinking and start becoming uncomfortable to use. If there is excessive moisture-loss, the lenses will become very hard and dry and this can impact the integrity of the lenses and they will get damaged.

Rough Handling

If you handle the lenses roughly, they may warp or tear; you should use very light pressure when you are handling lenses. Be careful not to pull or pinch them when you handle them as this can impact their integrity.


If you have long nails, you will find it very difficult to handle the lens and it can be extremely dangerous as well. Apart from that, there is also the danger of your nail piercing your eye accidently, when you are wearing your lenses. It’s best to keep your nails short as this will prevent damage to your eyes as well as your lenses.

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