How to combat astigmatism with toric contact lenses

31st Oct 2013

Astigmatism is a fairly common ocular complaint, though in many cases it is too small to be consciously noted and may therefore go untreated for many years, or even for life. Astigmatism means that the shape of the eye is such that it has difficulty focusing on a point in space, leading to blurry vision. In some people, the problem occurs in only one eye, while in others, it is present in both. Buying contact lenses online is a convenient way to combat this ocular disorder.

Astigmatism can be corrected in several different ways, but the most effective has been proven to be contact lenses specifically designed to correct for the slight distortion in your eye's surface. Ordinary eyeglasses are notably less effective, while surgery is usually reserved for extreme cases and has its own array of complications to make it a less attractive option.

Originally, only rigid lenses were available for treatment, but today, extremely comfortable, soft contacts are also available. The special lenses made to correct this visual difficulty are called toric lenses, referring to the special curvature they possess in order to reverse the effects of a similar, but opposite, distortion in the eye's cornea. Buying these contact lenses online is a good way to keep your supply up to date without needing to make inconvenient trips to purchase more on a regular basis.

Highly sophisticated modern techniques have been developed to map the surface of your eye and detect the exact shape, angle, and geometry of your astigmatism. Since there are two separate degrees of curvature in a toric shape, rather than just one as in a regular contact lens, toric contact lenses need to be selected on the basis of more measurements.


Buying contact lenses online through the website of our company, Lenses Online, provides you with a series of convenient drop-down menus for the toric lenses we offer, so that you can select precisely the combination of Base Curve, Power, Cylinder, and Axis that will give you the crystal clear vision that is the goal of wearing these medical devices.