LensesOnline NewsBite - April 2014

6th May 2021


Aquify and Opti-Free Replenish Alternative

Due to the recent take over of CibaVision by Alcon, both manufactures of contact lens solutions, have decided to supersede Opti-Free Replenish with Opti-Free PureMoist. 

Also the decision was made to end the production of Aquify Contact Lens Solution and advise customers to move to their new Opti-Free PureMoist.

Give Opti-free PureMoist solution a try.

AirOptix Aqua - 6 Pack

We notice that there are still a considerable amount of our customers buying the 3 pack of lenses.

There are savings to be made by buying one box of 6 lenses rather than two boxes of 3 lenses of the AirOptix Aqua.

Save money now by buying your lenses in 6 packs!

Interesting Read - Night Vision Contact Lenses?

By Carl Engelking | March 20, 2014 1:54 pm 

Contact lenses sharpen our blurry vision,  and free us from the hassle of pushing sliding glasses back up our noses. But the future of contacts is nigh: Researchers have created a super-thin infrared sensor that could lead to the development of night vision contact lenses.

Read the article here.