LensesOnline NewsBite - August 2015

6th May 2021


New Product Announcement:
Dailies Total 1 – 90 Pack – Now Available!

Lensesonline can now offer the Dailies Total 1 in the more economical 90 packs.
Initially we have been supplying the 30 packs but we are now able to supply you with the more economical 90 packs.
Now that this has changed, we can proudly bring the savings to you!

Order your Dailies Total 1 – 90 Pack Here

Purevision Toric – 6 Pack Only

Last month Bausch and Lomb NZ (the manufacturer) made the decision to discontinue the 3 Packs of the Purevision Torics, instead only the 6 Packs will be available for now on.

This change over has allowed us to bring down our price on the 6 Pack and will mean greater savings per lens for all our Purevision Toric wearers.

Order your Purevision Toric – 6 Pack Here

LensesOnline – Now in a new location

During the weekend of the 18th of July, LensesOnline has moved warehouse and offices from the centre of Orewa to Stanmore Bay.

Our new location has a better layout to accommodate our growing business.

Did you know?

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