LensesOnline NewsBite - June 2014

6th May 2021


New Biotrue ONEday

Bausch and Lomb have recently introduced a new product. The Biotrue ONEday contact lens is an advanced 1-Day lens which is new to the New Zealand market. This long awaited lens utilises the latest generation of lens material in order to maintain comfortable wearing of the lens throughout the day and evening.

HyperGel is the new technology introduced into the lens matrix which increases the comfort level for the cornea of the eye, by increasing higher amounts of oxygen transmission. This new lens effectively has a built-in dehydration barrier as a unique way to retain moisture and shape.

For more information and to see if this lens is right for you, consult your local optometrist.

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New Purevision Toric – 6 Packs

As we strive to bring you the best value for money, we are pleased to advise that we now offer the Purevision Toric lenses in 6 Packs!

The PureVision Toric is a monthly disposable contact lens that helps the people with astigmatism to achieve a clear vision in an economic way. As Toric lenses have two different powers, these lenses are designed not to rotate on the eyes, while their material still enables the eye to breath, resulting in always-white eyes and to avoid any chance of problems such as itching or sore eyes.

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