LensesOnline NewsBite - June 2016

6th May 2021


New Product Announcement:

Ultra by Bausch & Lomb

The new Ultra contact lens comes with the new MoistureSeal technology. This allows the lens to retain moisture and remain comfortable even when the wearer doesn’t blink often.
The lens is made from moisture-loving molecules that absorb and retain moisture for a very long time. The lens naturally holds about 46% moisture, which makes it very comfortable to wear. 

The Ultra is a monthly replacement, daily wear lens.

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Bio True ONE Day for Presbyopia 30 pack by Bausch & Lomb 

The new Biotrue for Presbyopia contact lens has a new progressive design – For better clarity of vision, the contact lenses have a 3-zone progressive design which will provide comfortable vision at near, intermediate, and distance. For near vision, the ADD power is across the center of the lenses. The ADD power slowly transitions into distance power in the intermediate zone. The outer rim of the contact lenses corrects distance vision.

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LensesOnline - New Look

LensesOnline is going through a rebranding to bring you a responsive designed website, so we decided to update our logo while we are at it.

Stay tuned to see the new look website and logo in the near future.

Did you know?

Your eyes can get sunburned, it is recommend to wear UV protective sunglasses on sunny days.