LensesOnline NewsBite - May 2015

6th May 2021


New Product Announcement:
Blink Lid-Clean Wipes - 20 Pack 

The lid clean wipes are especially useful for those lens wearers who are using make-up such as eyeliner and mascara. It effectively cleans any small particles, moisturises and soothes the eye lids. (read more in the product description)

•  Sterile hypoallergenic eye lid wipe 
•  Formulated with soothing camomile to remove debris and other secretions 
•  High quality embossed wipe to gently massage and exfoliate

Order you Blink Lid-Clean Wipes Here

New Product Announcement:
Ultrazyme - 10 Pack

We decided to include this product to complement the Oxysept lens disinfecting and storage product range. This protein removing product effectively removes the build up of protein crystals which attach to the lens surface over time.

Excessive protein build up on the lenses causes irritation on the sensitive cornea.

This product is useful to keep monthly disposable lenses protein free. (read more in the product description)

Order you Ultrazyme Here

Tip of the Month

Before applying eye makeup, be sure your eyelids are very clean. Always apply makeup outside the lash line, away from the eye, to avoid blocking the lipid glands of the upper or lower eyelid. These glands produce lipids which protects the eye’s surface.

Never apply makeup while in a moving vehicle.

Helpful Tips brought to you by Bausch & Lomb

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