LensesOnline NewsBite - May 2017

6th May 2021


Product Discontinuation:
Focus Daily Torics - 30 & 90 Packs

Alcon (the manufacturer of Focus Daily Torics) have recently announced that they are discontinuing the Focus Daily Torics 30 & 90 Packs, they will be selling the powers left in stock but orders placed outside of currently stocked powers will be cancelled.

LensesOnline will be removing the Focus Daily Torics from our website near the end of the month.

To find out what alternate lens would suit you, please contact your optometrist.

Fun Contact Lens Slime?

Our customer service team were recently asked which contact lens solution is best to make slime with, which after a bit of researching turned out to be a valid question (who would have thought?!).

The tutorials online suggest the use of Renu by B&L for the best solution based slime results.

Buy your Renu solution for slime here

Did you know?

Your eyes are about 1 inch across and weigh about 7 grams.