LensesOnline NewsBite - September 2015

6th May 2021


LensesOnline – New Staff

Lensesonline would like to welcome on board Stefan and Melissa who have recently joined the LensesOnline Team.

Some of you may have already dealt with Stefan since his arrival here as he has taken on the role of our primary customer service representative.
Working in the background, Melissa is confidently handling more administrative and warehousing tasks.

Stefan and Melissa are a welcome addition to our growing team!

Faster Delivery of Products

Alcon are gearing up their supply and are getting custom ordered products like Air Optix Colors – 6 Packs to us faster.

As the demand for coloured lenses in New Zealand increases, suppliers and LensesOnline are taking it up a notch to provide the fastest possible service we can.

Speak to your optometrist to see if Air Optix Colors – 6 Packs are right for you, then order here

Suggestion Box

LensesOnline is always looking for ways to improve, we are striving to provide better service, faster delivery times and the easiest ordering process we can.
In order to improve our service to you, feedback from our customers is important so we can drive change for the better.

If you have any suggestions, please do let us know. Your feedback is welcomed, and important.

Did you know?

One of the most common eye injuries is caused by accidentally poking the eyeball with a mascara wand.