Main types of contact lenses

31st Oct 2013

Correcting vision today presents more options than ever before. In a market that once provided only glasses, today's consumer can find contact lenses in many styles, colours, and materials. With so many choices, it can be confusing to know which contact lenses will work best for your needs. Along with your doctor's recommendation, it's always best to arm yourself with knowledge about the market so that you are able to select the contact lenses that are best for your needs.

The most commonly used type of lens is the daily wear or soft contact lens. When you buy contact lenses, daily wear offers comfort, ease of use, and affordability. Usually disposable, these lenses are removed overnight to keep eyes healthy and the lenses clean. Coloured lenses are another popular option today. A hip fashion accessory, coloured lenses also correct vision, which makes them practical as well. Lenses can come in any colour of the rainbow and are often used for costume parties.

Rigid contact lenses are a more durable, but less comfortable alternative to daily wear lenses. Much easier to care for, choosing to buy contact lenses of this type gives you an extended wear option that soft lenses can't offer. Contact lens wearers can also access bifocal lenses, which are newer to the market than some of the more common options. Able to correct distance and near perception, bifocal lenses are available in soft or rigid styles. People with astigmatism can find relief with Toric lenses, which are able to correct this vision problem.


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