Making certain your eyes stay healthy with OptiFree contact lenses

31st Oct 2013

The eye is a very sensitive area of the body, because of the fact that it must remain moist at all times and because of the many intricate, delicate biological structures it contains in order to produce the high quality vision that humans and other living creatures possess. For this reason, you want everything that you put into your eyes, such as contact lenses, to be as clean as possible – and if you use Optifree RepleniSH contact lens solution, then you will be assured of the purity of the items you are placing in your eyes.

Since the eye can develop minor infections in response to dirty contact lenses, and can also be subject to protein build-up which will cause allergic reactions in some people, cleaning contact lenses without leaving potentially irritating soap residue on these medical devices is a crucial matter for all contact lens wearers. Optifree provides complete cleaning without leaving any harmful residues behind to trouble your eyes.

Using a good contact lens solution like Optifree RepleniSH does much more than just clean the surfaces of your lenses, however. It also serves a replenishment function which restores the lenses' capacity to hold water within their material. If contact lenses dry out, they become scratchy and uncomfortable. However, if their moisture content is renewed by Optifree, they will be just as comfortable and pleasant in the eye as when you first bought them.


Optifree is useful not only for long term contact lenses but also for short wear varieties that are used more than once. For example, Air Optix Aqua Multifocal contact lenses, a popular and high quality type, are one month dailies. They are meant to be put in and taken out every day, but can be used for up to a month. However, in order to remain usable for the whole month, these lenses need to be cleaned thoroughly each night in contact lenses solution – or every 6 nights if you leave them in while you sleep. Optifree is ideal for this, and can easily be added to your cart while you are shopping at our comprehensive contact lens website, Lenses Online.