My contact lenses don’t seem comfortable – what do I do?

11th Feb 2015

Often people give up wearing contact lenses because they just don’t feel comfortable and they give up with the belief they will never get use to wearing them. If this is how you feel, wait, don’t give up just yet there are actually a few things you can do to make your contact lenses feel more comfortable.

If your contact lenses feel dry – it could be due to general dehydration – ask yourself how many glasses of water do you drink in a day? That’s water, not tea, coffee, juice or soft drink – but WATER. Try to drink more water each day and see if that helps. If you spend a lot of time at the computer your eyes will be dryer than they would be normally.

For those who spend hours staring at a screen, they actually blink less than usual. While you probably can’t control your blinking, try closing your eyes for a few seconds every now and then. Tea and coffee also contain caffeine – this dehydrates your body and you’ll need to drink more water than usual. Eye drops can also help but don’t use eye drops all the time, just occasionally when your eyes feel dry.

Do you feel the lenses in your eye? The good quality lenses available through Lenses Online that are fitted properly to your eyes should feel like there is nothing in your eye at all. Are you exposed to dusty or smokey environments? It could be those tiny particles making their way under your lenses that are causing a problem, try to avoid these types of areas.

You need to care for your lenses properly are you cleaning them every day and replacing them when required? You can always try daily disposable lenses – available at Lenses Online – these won’t require any care at all as you start each day with a fresh pair of contact lenses – these are perfect for those who spend their day in dusty environments.