One day lenses

25th Aug 2015

Daily contact lenses or one day lenses are not for *everyone*. These contacts are simply a contact lens that you wear for one day and then throw it away. In general one day contact lenses can be considered a little more expensive than your *regular* contact lenses – it’s more about the initial outlay – the actual one day lenses aren’t that expensive, it’s just that you have so many of them – if you use them every day this is where the cost starts to mount up. On the plus side one day lenses have no *maintenance costs* - there is no need to buy multi-purpose cleaning solutions. With no cleaning, no disinfecting, no storing and don’t forget the cost of purchasing cleaning solutions and storage cases over time mounts up.

One day lenses from Lenses Online also save you a lot of TIME! No more having to spend time cleaning and maintaining your regular lenses with one day lenses you just toss them away. While the time spent doing maintenance isn’t a lot, if you lead a busy life it leaves you free to concentrate on other things.

One day lenses like 1 day Acuvue Moist contact lenses available from Lenses Online give you greater convenience. One day lenses are fun to use – you are wearing brand new contact lenses every day and they feel comfortable to wear every day. If you suffer from dry eyes the Acuvue Moist provide all day comfort.

Some one day contact lenses aren’t as cheap, but they offer convenience and no maintenance what you spend on one day contacts you save on time and the cost of contact lens cleaning solutions, plus you get that feeling of wearing a brand new contact every day. Ultimately it is up to you to decide what type of lens you prefer. Lenses Online is available to answer all your questions and they make ordering contact lenses, safe, simple and fast, with overnight delivery available on selected products.