Order contact lenses online for a better result

28th Apr 2014

Contact lenses offer a new type of freedom for those who rely on concave lenses to see. New time customers of contact lenses report high levels of satisfaction and a completely new lifestyle.

At Lenses Online, we delight in bringing you a convenient online shopping experience. With us, you can order contact lenses online from our huge online warehouse. Contact lenses which give you back your peripheral vision, and just feeling uncomfortable with a set of bulky specs on.


We also stock a range of lenses and eye products, to maintain your retina health as you adjust to your new lenses. Our warehouse stocks a range of products, including:

Dry eyes solutions

Daily contact lenses

Fortnightly contact lenses

Monthly contact lenses

Multi focal lenses

We ensure you’re getting reliability and quality every time. In fact, many of our staff and assistants use the very solutions we stock online! As a wholesaler, we personally advocate each product as we have created a bond with our suppliers built on trust and availability. We’ll always have your favourite brands on the market.

Whether you’re looking for something short term and disposable, or long term and powerful, Lenses Online can assist you in your quest to buy contact lenses online. Do you have a loved one who is visually impaired? No problem. Just buy a gift certificate for their special day.


As well as a strong online presence, we keep available staff on hand to answer any enquiries. Simply call us on 0800 800 536.