Order contact lenses online for a brighter, clearer perspective

6th May 2014

Change your lifestyle with a stunning new set of contact lenses. You can order contact lenses online today through Lenses Online, a premium provider of top quality eyewear that will alter your life forever.

At Lenses Online, we transcend your shopping experience with an online platform that can send you quick delivery contact lenses and contact products. Contact lenses which give you back your peripheral vision, and just feeling uncomfortable with a set of bulky specs on. Contact lenses really do create a sense of freedom, beyond the concave lenses that blur your peripheral vision and create a fish bowl effect.


For a snapshot of what you can buy with our online platform, please see the following:

Dry eyes solutions

Daily contact lenses

Fortnightly contact lenses

Monthly contact lenses

Multi focal lenses

Gift certificates

Our staff use our products, so you know you’re ordering from the right people when you buy contact lenses online with us. Whether you’re looking for something short term, long term, weak or strong. Lenses Online can assist you in your quest to buy contact lenses online.

Apart from lenses, you can buy products such as eye drops to keep your eyes healthy. It’s important to take care of your eyes, as wearing contact lenses can cause irritation.


For any advice, questions, concerns or queries regarding ordering contact lenses on line, our customer service professionals are happy to help. Simply call us on 0800 800 536.