Proper contact lens hygiene

14th Mar 2016

At Lenses Online we know how great contact lenses are! They are a brilliant alternative to wearing glasses, but it is very important that you know how to care for your contact lenses properly from using the right lenses cleaning solution to ensuring you only wear your lenses for the set amount of time. From day one you need to set up a regular cleaning regimen this means your contacts will stay comfortable and will protect the health of your eyes.

Lenses Online suggest the following tips –

  1. Always wash your hands – before handling, cleaning or removing your lenses always wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Use mild soapy warm water and dry your hands on a lint free towel. This will ensure your hands are free from any debris or bacteria.
  2. Only use the proper contact lenses solution – always use the contact lenses cleaning solution recommended by your eye specialist – remember that not all brands of contact lenses cleaning solutions are compatible with all brands of contact lenses. A lot of contact lens wearers opt to use just a saline solution but that will not clean or disinfect your lenses, it is used to just rinse or store your lenses
  3. Keep a daily cleaning regimen - At Lenses Online we know it can be hard when life gets busy to keep a good daily cleaning regime, but it is important to keep to your routine to protect the health of your eye. To keep your lenses comfortable and clean follow the regimen set out by your eye care Doctor and stick to it, even on the busiest days.
  4. Replace the lens case regularly - while it’s good to stick to a proper routine always replace your lenses and lens case as needed. It’s important to clean your contact lens case properly and regularly – it protects your lenses over night. To ensure is stays clean, replace the case every 3 to 6 months.