Reordering contact lenses online made easy

31st Oct 2013

Once you have been prescribed a certain type of contact lenses and the solution to go with them (if that is necessary), you are unlikely to frequently change the variety you use unless there is some kind of allergic reaction or other problem with eye health. As such, your purchases over time are likely to be of the same type of contact lenses and accessories. Reordering contact lenses online making use of our website, Lenses Online is an easy process which is even faster and smoother than placing your original order.

Placing an order on our site will also involve creating an account with a user name and password. This account is used to securely store your data, including your name, delivery address, and prescription information. Once an order has been created, you will be able to view your order history and use this to reorder contact lenses online with a few brief mouse clicks.

We are fully committed to our responsibility to keep your personal information completely secure and private, and our website has been constructed to ensure that your data is perfectly safe with us. Our professional and ethical standards mean that we never sell or give away your information to other firms, while the website and all the data stored on it is defended by the fortress-like strength of a high level security system.

After your initial order, you can log into your account at any time to carry out the process of reordering contact lenses online. Your initial order placement will be speedy and accurate thanks to the clean design and customer friendly features of our site, which we pride ourselves on as part of our service to you.


Reordering the same items will be even faster, since most of your information will already be stored in our database and you just need to initiate and approve the reorder – an even more effective way of saving time by buying contact lenses online.