Save Money and Buy Online

27th Jan 2016

If you want to save money on your contact lenses and buy cheap contact lenses, you can do so online thanks to Lenses Online. Lenses Online is your one-stop shop for all your contact lenses needs including dry eye drops, eye lid wipes, contact lens solution and a range of contact lenses including daily, fortnightly, monthly and toric lenses.

Buying cheap contact lenses online can save you more than just money. You will probably find that most of your local contact lens stores carry a very limited range or selection of contacts and often the lens you need isn’t one they have in stock. If you happen to wear what you might call an *odd* shape lens due to having a strong prescription.

Imagine you are going away, so you have decided that you need new lenses for your trip – you don’t really need your eyes checked, you just need spare lenses. So you go into your local contact lens store only to find what you need isn’t in stock. While in general that’s not a bad thing – but what if you leave for your trip in two weeks? They offer to order them in for you and that’s great – you’ve got two weeks right.....

A week goes by and the store hasn’t called – you call them and the lenses still haven’t come in.

It’s not unusual for your local store not to have the lens you need; after all they can’t possibly stock all the different brands, sizes and powers. Plus to save money they’ll often only send an order once a week to combine postage – this is understandable, but it doesn’t help you a week out from your trip and no contact lenses.

You can buy cheap contact lenses online through Lenses Online; all you need is a current prescription. You will find the lenses from Lenses Online are cheaper than at your local store, you don’t have to wait for the store to place their weekly order, you can place your own order and you’ll get it much faster.

Lenses Online offer a low price and fast delivery why would you buy contact lenses anywhere else.