Shopping for contact lenses

27th May 2016

When buying contact lenses – especially for the first time, what you actually buy should be decided by your eye specialist, you want to make sure that contact lenses you buy online are both safe and effective. You don’t want to buy cheap lenses online; you want to buy discounted quality contact lenses from Lenses Online.

When buying lenses online always purchase those from a reputable online seller, a good online seller – such as Lenses Online will NEVER sell you prescription contact lenses without a prescription. There are two main styles of contact lenses – soft lenses and rigid gas permeable and each style corrects for both distance and near vision eyesight problems.

In general most people adjust to soft contact lenses within a few days, while rigid lenses can take up to a week for a person to become comfortable with. With soft lenses you will find they don’t pop-out as easily as rigid lenses do, they also tend to not allow as much dust underneath them.

Lenses Online sell one day through to extended wear contact lenses which can be worn overnight or for continuous wear from 1- 6 days up to 30 days. The length of time you can wear your lenses depends on both the type of lens and your tolerance for wearing lenses longer than a day. Disposable contact lenses are great for those who do not want to be bothered with regularly cleaning and disinfecting their lenses.

When buying lenses online look for a retailer who has –

  • Been in business a long time
  • One that has a good name/customer feedback or reviews

When buying your contact lenses focus on over-all value and not the price, you need to look at the lenses that offer you the best value rather than the best price. To make sure your eyes stay healthy never order lenses with a prescription that is just about to expire – it’s better to get your eyes re-checked and then buy your contact lenses online with a fresh and brand new prescription.