Stocking up on contact lenses online to save money and time

31st Oct 2013

New Zealand is a fairly small nation compared to many, so most towns and cities are close together compared to such countries as Australia, Russia, or the United States, to name only three. Nevertheless, needing to drive any distance to acquire the medical supplies you require can still be costly in terms of gas money for your car (especially given the many hills and mountains of our rugged country) and time you need to take away from your work, family, and other responsibilities.

Stocking up on contact lenses online is an excellent way to save money and time, and our company, Lenses Online, is strongly committed to helping you get high quality products in a manner that is thrifty with both your money and your precious time.

Buying contact lenses at a store involves the extra cost of purchasing fuel to get your vehicle to and from the location that sells the lenses you need. It also causes a small amount of wear and tear on your car, lessening its useful life by a few hours. At first glance, buying contact lenses online doesn't seem to save any money, since it is still necessary to pay for postage, which offsets the savings on fuel caused by ordering from home.

However, Lenses Online offers you a viable solution that eliminates the shipping cost on your contact lens orders. If you purchase more than $100 worth of contact lenses online from us, then we will ship these items to you completely free of charge. Therefore, stocking up a supply of contact lenses and accessories that will last you for several months is a wise, frugal method of shopping through our site that is cheaper than any other method available.


Regardless of whether you purchase a small order from us and pay for delivery, or buy enough to qualify for free of charge mailing, your medical supplies will be brought to your door within 24 hours, assuming that the items you order are in stock. Speed, savings, and flawless product quality are all the hallmarks by which Lenses Online serves your needs.