The Right Steps to Follow in Contact Lens Care

11th Feb 2019

You must know that contact lenses are pretty small and delicate even though you might not have any experience using them. If you plan on getting a pair from LensesOnline, the first thing you must know is that they are required to be handled with care. However, taking care of contact lenses isn’t all that difficult and these are the things to keep them away from:

1. Debris

One of the most common ways a contact lens gets damaged is due to debris which can leave scratches on it. While cleaning the lens, the dirt and debris from your hands get rubbed on them. The best ways to prevent this from happening are:

  • Using a multipurpose solution and rinsing them with care
  • Making sure that there is no dirt or debris on your hands
  • Rub the lens gently
  • Clean it more than once by placing it in the center of your palm
  • Rinse it once more and place it carefully on your iris

2. Drops

Contact lenses are pretty small and it is crucial to handle them with care. It isn’t uncommon for people to drop them on occasion. To reduce the chances of that happening, sit by a desk or mirror and place a clean towel on it. In case it falls it will land on the towel.

3. Dryness

It is necessary for a lens to have a certain level of moisture in it or it might be uncomfortable to wear. The lens will shrink without any moisture. It will harden and dry out the lens rendering it unusable.

4. Rough Handling

Handling lenses roughly can cause them to tear. It is important to use light pressure while handling them. Pulling or pinching them can have an impact on their integrity.

5. Nails

Handling lenses with long nails can be extremely difficult and dangerous as well. It can also cause a problem while inserting them as you might poke your eye accidentally. To prevent damage to your eyes as well the lenses it is best to keep your nails short.

Keeping these steps of lens care in mind will keep your contact lenses and eyes safe from damage. For further information on the different types of contact lenses contact LensesOnline at 0800 800 536 or visit our website.