The secrets to buying contact lenses

5th Feb 2016

When it comes down to choosing the right contact lenses for you – it should always be based on a proper appointment with an eye care specialist, it should NEVER be done online or over the phone. You want to ensure all the precautions are in place to make sure your lenses are safe for you, never buy cheap contact lenses, they probably won’t be what you want. Discounted contact lenses from Lenses Online are safe and of the best quality and these are the lenses you want to buy.

Before you buy contact lenses it pays to be a wise shopper, always buy contact lenses from reputable outlet and never buy prescription contact lenses from a site that doesn’t ask for a prescription. These lenses are NOT *over-the-counter* products and sale without a prescription is illegal.

There are 2 main styles of Contact Lenses – Soft and rigid gas permeable. You will find your eye adjusts to a soft lens in just a few days while a rigid gas permeable lens can take weeks to fully get use to wearing. Soft lenses don’t tend to pop out of your eye like gas rigid permeable lenses and you won’t get as much dust and dirt underneath them.

Unfortunately while the ability to hold water increases the oxygen permeability of soft lenses it also increases their fragility as well. Extended wear contact lenses can be worn over night for anything from 6 to 30 day, this depends on doctor’s advice and your tolerance for wearing contact lenses over night.

Rigid lenses give you clearer vision while disposable lenses don’t need cleaning and disinfecting.

There are a range of great contact lens brands available at Lenses Online.

When ordering contact lenses online

  • Buy from a name you know
  • Ensure the lenses you want are available
  • Focus on VALUE not the price, most people go for the best price, but you are best off looking at overall value

Never order contact lenses with a prescription that is out of date – or almost out of date – have your eyes checked and then order with an up to date prescription.