Thinking about buying contact lenses?

4th Nov 2015

Do you know that more than 100 million people around the world wear contact lenses? Thanks to advantages in technology wearing contact lenses is easier and more popular to do than ever before.

So – why do people wear contact lenses?

  • Some people wear contact lenses as they don’t like the look and feel of glasses
  • To correct vision issues
  • Contact lenses are also available in colours so the wearer can change or enhance the colour of their eye
  • For practical reasons – they play a lot of sport and can’t wear glasses, or work in an environment where glasses just aren’t convenient.

Originally contact lenses were made of glass, thanks to time and technology lenses became available in plexiglass and unbending gas porous ones until the soft contact lenses became available. Before purchasing your contacts from Lenses Online you will need to visit your ophthalmologist, get your eyes checked and measured – you can also discuss which type of lens would be better for you – soft or hard? How long you need to wear them – daily, fortnightly, extended wear, and the shape – toric, multifocal or spherical. Lenses Online carry a wide range of lenses and will be sure to stock just what you need.

You then need to consider how long you will be wearing the lenses for. An everyday contact lens is more hygienic than an extended wear lens – you don’t have to clean them as they are single use lenses. Extended wear lenses allow you to wear your lenses for longer, but they will require cleaning – for this you will need to buy the correct cleaning solution – available from Lenses Online.

You can purchase your lenses from Lenses Online – they stock the big well known brands in daily, fortnightly and monthly lenses, available in toric, multifocal, lenses for astigmatisms and coloured lenses. Never purchase cheap or *no name * brands they can irritate or even damage your eye. When you buy your contacts from Lenses Online order the proper cleaning solution for the lenses and follow instructions properly.