Tips and advice for buying contact lenses online

6th Jun 2016

Did you know you can make some quite significant savings by buying your contact lenses online through Lenses Online. There are a few things you will need to think about or consider before buying your contact lenses online. Lenses Online have put together this guide to help you avoid some of the common mistakes.

  • It is important to remember that contact lenses are medical devices used to correct eye vision problems and improper use of them can lead to quite serious eye problems.
  • Always visit your ophthalmologist for a proper eye examination BEFORE ordering any contact lenses online.
  • Try not to order contact lenses from a brand you haven’t tried before. Always buy a brand/range you have worn before and feel comfortable wearing
  • If you can, order more than just one box at a time, this can help you save on shipping charges. Lenses Online offer FREE shipping for urban orders over $100 and over $200 for rural areas.
  • Always order from an online store that has a returns policy in place, this will protect you if you receive the wrong order or there is a problem with the order you have placed.
  • Order your lenses at least a week in advance – if there are any delays – weekends, public holidays etc. you are giving more time for your lenses to arrive.

Contact lenses are cheaper online.

Why is it that you can actually buy contact lenses online cheaper than you can in the shops? In general, online stores do not have the *overheads* that a traditional *bricks and mortar* storefront has – rent, electricity etc are cheaper. Being an online store contact lenses sellers such as Lenses Online can negotiate better deals with manufacturers when they buy in bulk – so they get better pricing than a store who only wants to purchase a few boxes.

Buying your contact lenses online from Lenses Online makes sense – It’s the fastest, most convenient and cheapest way to buy your contact lenses online.