Tips for choosing a contact lens solution

19th Oct 2015

Contacts are great! These small thin, curved discs sit on our eyes to correct vision problems, they have lots of benefits over wearing glasses and Lenses Online sell a range of brands including Johnson and Johnson and Bausch and Lomb. Contact lenses do need special care to maintain a proper level of hygiene due to the fact they are always in your eyes and if you don’t use the right contact lens solution and keep them clean you are at risk of developing an eye infection.

The best contact lens solution to use should do a good job – cleaning, disinfecting and rinsing.

Lenses Online stock a range of contact lens cleaning solutions perfect for your needs.

Contact lens cleaning solutions are important and a lot of people who wear contact lenses often make a mistake when it comes to selecting the contact lens solution right for them – there are so many lens cleaning solutions available – it can be hard to know which one to buy!

  • You need to buy a cleaning solution that’s the correct one for the type of lens you are wearing – if you wear soft contact lenses you need a contact lens solution that is for soft lenses only
  • There are multi-purpose contact lens solutions available which perform different tasks including – removing protein deposits and debris, softening the lens and cleaning and disinfecting. When you use a multi-purpose cleaner after soaking you need to rinse them in a saline liquid BEFORE placing the lenses into your eyes
  • For deep cleaning Lenses Online suggest using a multi-step cleaner rather than a multi-purpose one
  • If you use extended wear lenses – enzymatic cleaners are a good choice for this type of lens

Saline solution is just like our own tears and you’ll find after soaking your lenses in saline for a while they will be more comfortable, it will also remove any chemical residue from the lenses. If your eyes tend to dry during the day Lenses Online suggest carrying a small bottle of saline solution for use when your eyes feel dry.