Using contact lens cleaning solutions

18th Mar 2015

Contact lenses touch our eyes directly so keeping them clean and well maintained is important, if not bacteria can form that can lead to infections. There are so many lens cleaning solutions available and this can be confusing working out which one to buy. Lenses Online have a range of lenses cleaning solutions available to buy and there will be one to suit your needs perfectly.

When looking for the perfect lenses cleaning solution for you, firstly you must find the one that is designed for your particular type of lens – for example if you wear a soft lens then the Complete Easy Rub Multi-Purpose Value Pack is for you. Made for soft lenses they are great for helping make your lens work better for longer.

Besides the lens solutions available for a specific kind of lens there are also multi-purpose cleaners. This style of lens solution lets you do different tasks such as removing built up deposits, cleaning and disinfecting and softening the lens. You must remember after soaking your lenses in the solution they will need to be rinsed in a saline solution before you can wear them. While this type of lens cleaner is simple to use it’s not as effective as using different solutions to do different tasks.

If you want to perform a deep clean of your lens you need a multi-step process rather than a multi-purpose one. There are 3 different steps in a multi-step process.

  • 1)SALINE SOLUTION – is similar to our tears and if you want the lens to feel comfortable to wear soak it in saline. It can also help remove any of the chemicals from the lens. Saline is great to have *on hand* as contact lenses dry easily.
  • 2)HYDROGEN PEROXIDE – helps eliminate grime and mineral deposits on the lens, but you need to rinse it off well.
  • 3)ENZYMATIC CLEANERS available from lenses Online are great for extended wear lenses to keep the lens sterile. Wearing extended contact lenses allows protein from the eye to build up which can lead to infections, enzymatic cleaners avoid this.