Ways to Ensure Contact Lens Safety

1st Jul 2019

There are a lot of factors that go into contact lens protection, and most of them are reliant on the wearer. Guidelines for contact lens must be followed to avert eye injury or infection. Here are some simple steps to warrant the safety of your contact lens:

1. Arrange a comprehensive eye exam and contact lens fitting

First of all, you will require a prescription from an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist. At the time of your comprehensive eye exam, you will carry out a visual acuity test along with some other health examinations. You also need to arrange a contact lens examination and fitting. This fitting is not part of the regular comprehensive eye exam and normally comes with an additional fee. Your doctor will measure your eye's curve and diameter to decide what size and type of contact lens that suit you best during the contact lens examination and fitting. If it is the first time you are wearing contact lenses, your doctor will walk you through how to care for them, including how you should clean them, how you store them, and even how to get them inserted in your eye. Furthermore, if this is also your first time using a particular type of contact lens, your doctor will offer you trial lenses for you to test out for several days. Then, there will be a follow-up appointment to discuss how it went and you can try a different type if they were uncomfortable.

2. Make sure you take good care of your lens

There is not actually a requirement for the how old a person can wear contact lens--rather it should be based on maturity, capability to take good care of their contact lenses, and individual hygiene. A good place to start can be from trying out daily disposable contact lenses because they do not require to be cleaned or stored and can be replaced daily. All in all, good hygiene is important. To prevent you from eye infections, always make sure that your hands are washed when you insert or remove contact lenses.

3. Purchase quality contact lenses.

If you decide to buy your contact lenses online, make sure you buy from a trusted source like Lenses Online. Look for authorized contact lens retailers that indicate that the supplier is credible. You have to be careful as there is an online grey market for contact lenses where unauthorized retailers sell almost expired products. Another tip is do not buy contact lens straight from the manufacturer as it increases quality concerns. They often lure customers with prices that are lower than the market value. Contact lenses retailer must confirm your prescription with your doctor as contact lenses are not over-the-counter devices. It is so easy to submit the wrong prescription online, so prescription validation guarantees that you will be delivered the accurate lens.

4. Follow care instructions

Every single type of contact lens has care instructions. You must follow the guidance that come with your contacts because contact lenses have different replacement schedule, cleaning, and storage requirements. Hygiene will always remain the absolute importance. Eye infection and discomfort are very likely to be a result of touching your eyes with unwashed hands, watering your contacts with saliva, or placing them in water.

5. Obey the schedule for replacement

Wearing contact lenses beyond their recommended replacement date can cause injuries on your cornea and ultimately eye infection. Disposable contact lenses come with replacement schedules that can either be daily or monthly.

Now that you are prepared to wear contacts safely, order your contact lenses online here