What’s the Process of Wearing Contact Lenses?

20th Jun 2016

Many people are intimidated by contact lenses and stick to glasses even if they don’t suit their features well. It’s understandable that people don’t want to place something directly on their eyeball because all of us have experienced what it’s like if dirt or debris gets inside the eye. But  contact lenses are specifically designed for your eyes and won’t irritate them in any way as long as you wear them correctly.

What Would You Need?

You need to have some items close at hand before you wear contact lenses. They will help you avoid irritation and infection of any kind and you would easily be able to place the contact lens on your eye.

  • Multipurpose lens solution
  • Lens cases
  • A hand towel (preferably lint-free)
  • Mild anti-bacterial hand wash
  • Lens tweezers (optional)
  • Mirror (preferably one that offers magnification)

Step One – Wash Your Hands

Use a mild anti-bacterial hand wash to wash your hands before you touch your contact lenses. Germs and debris can easily transfer from your hands to the contact lenses during the application process. Germs and debris on the lenses can lead to infection and irritation. Once your hands are clean, wipe them dry on the lint-free towel before you handle the lenses.

Step Two – Remove the Lenses from the Case

You can use lens tweezers or your fingers to pick up the lenses from the case. Tweezers are considered more hygienic but fingers give you more control over the lens. If you want to open a fresh pack of lenses, gently peel away the foil packing to access the lens inside. If you apply too much force, you might jostle the pack too much and the lens would fall out.

Step Three – Clean the Lenses

While the contact lenses did sit in the multipurpose solution, you would still have to rub them clean before you place them on your eye. To clean the contact lens, place them at the centre of your hand and pour a few drops of multipurpose solution on them. Gently rub the lenses in circular motions a few times to remove all dirt and lint from the surface.

Step Four – Inspect

Balance the lens on the tip of your finger and inspect it for lint or debris. Now raise your hand a little bit and inspect the lens against the light. It’s fairly easy to spot any kind of dirt on it; if there’s dirt, just pour a few more drops of the multipurpose solution on the lens to remove it.

Step Five – Place the Lens

Once the lens is completely clean, you can place it on your eye. Just balance the lens on the top of your index finger, pull the lower lid down with your middle finger, pull your upper lid up with your unoccupied hand and gently place the lens on the iris. It’s very easy and the lenses will respond to the heat and moisture of your eye of quickly attach to it.

While wearing lenses sounds complicated, you can accomplish the task within five minutes, if you have practice. Our clients at Lenses Online become accustomed to them quickly.