Why wear coloured contact lenses?

7th Apr 2015

Contact lenses are great for anyone who dislikes wearing glasses, whether they don’t like the look or feel of glasses, or they just don’t want people to know they need glasses. An upgrade from contact lenses has been the coloured contact lenses. They still help with your vision problem and make your eyes look more beautiful. They can come in prescription form and in a range of colours, so by wearing coloured contact lenses, you can help your vision and give your eyes the colour you always wanted.

There are a few benefits – why to wear coloured contact lenses

  • 1.Even if you have astigmatism you can wear coloured contact lenses. Astigmatism is an optical defect that gives you blurred vision and for anyone with astigmatism you had no other option but to wear glasses. Thanks to the invention of Toric contact lenses it means those with astigmatism can wear contacts. This means they can now wear coloured contact lenses – look good and still see clearly.
  • 2.Contact lenses or coloured contact lenses it doesn’t matter – those who don’t want to wear glasses, don’t have to. They are great for anyone who plays sport – you get clear vision no matter what you are doing. Coloured contact lenses – available from Lenses Online can be used regularly and wearer’s don’t get reflections of light or perspiration etc which is common with wearing glasses.
  • 3.You’ll look more fashionable – coloured contact lenses have always been fashionable in the film and TV industry and are common *accessories* at parties and events.
  • 4.Change your eye colour when you want – you can colour coordinate with your clothes or choose coloured contact lenses for a different event
  • 5.Enhance your appearance – if you have olive toned skin go for bright coloured lenses or shades of red if your skin is pale. Violet will give you a bold look while browns give you a more serious look. Coloured contact lenses can be considered one way to improve your looks.

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